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Ep. 8 – Christmas “Wow” Factor and Light Displays

On this episode of Landscaping: Out On a Limb Podcast, we learn about all the ways to add some “Wow” factor to your holiday decorations, from holiday terrariums to horse-shaped wreaths! Then, we head over to the Green Bay Botanical Garden to talk about our partnership with them and our light displays in the garden!

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Ep. 7 – Wreaths and Holiday “Wow” Factor

In this episode of Out on a Limb, we talk about how to create wreaths, and how to decorate for the holidays to add that “Wow” Factor in your yard!

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Ep. 6 – Fire Tables and Fall Living

In this episode of “Out On A Limb,” we talk about outdoor living in the fall, and ways to make your outdoor space more appealing with elements like firepits and fire tables!

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Ep. 5 – All About Grills

Here at Vande Hey’s, the only thing we love more than actual grilling is sharing it with our friends and family! Check out this month’s episode of our Out on a Limb Podcast, featuring clips from our Grilling Guys events, grilling tricks from our experts, and tips on the Big Green Egg!

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Ep. 4 – The “Wow” Factor in Your Landscape

On August’s episode, we talk about how to create a “wow” factor to your landscape.

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Ep. 3 – Pollinators

In July’s episode, we talk about pollination and how to best support butterflies and bees in your garden. Then we head to the studio and talk about different types of pollinator plants and how to incorporate them into your natural landscape.

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Your Host: Todd Trueblood

As the Sales and Design Manager at Vande Hey Company, Todd is continually on top of trends, seasons, and best practices. He guides all of the "Out On A Limb" listeners and viewers with the trends of the industry and at home.